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Chair of Human Resource Management & Intrapreneurship - Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor

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Certificate Entrepreneurship

Certificate Entrepreneurship expires!

With the successful establishment and occupation of the Chairs of Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Models (Prof. Baum) and HRM & Intrapreneurship (Prof. Isidor) from WS 20/21 onwards, the faculty will offer a new specialization in the field of "Entrepreneurship & Innovation". This will give all students currently studying in a field of business management and economics a choice of courses and thus ideal conditions for a qualification in the field of entrepreneurship. The certificate Entrepreneurship is therefore no longer required and is to be terminated gradually.

The following transitional provisions apply: All students who started their studies at our faculty in SS 20 or earlier can still acquire the Certificate Entrepreneurship. For all students enrolled in a later semester, this no longer applies.

Bayreuth, June 17, 2020

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