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Chair of Human Resource Management & Intrapreneurship - Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor

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The aim of our scientific research is to develop basic knowledge and to create insights in business management practices. The fundamental research orientation of the chair is theoretically profound and quantitative-empirical. In addition to dealing with classic human resource management related issues, the following main areas of research are pursued:

  • Teams (especially the effects of diversity on team performance
  • International HRM (especially international comparative human resource management)
  • Migrants & Expatriates (especially the adaptation to cultural and institutional differences)
  • (Organizational) Culture (in particular the effect of culture on innovativeness or entrepreneurial orientation)
  • Entrepreneurial Intention and Behavior (especially with regard to gender differences and stereotypes)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (especially the role of HR)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (in particular the separation from "traditional" start-up activities)

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